Promotion event by quantity is triggered by the minimum quantity on the transaction, you can give a discount or reward gift to your customer if they buy your product with the required minimum transaction that you set before. This promo will be useful when you have events that allow buying 2 products and getting 1 free product. Like buying 2 Shirts free and 1 hat.

Table of Content :

I. Adding Promotion by Quantity

Step 1. Go to Promotion (Promotion Event), then Click Add

add promotion event

Step 2. Fill Promotion Event Form, then Click Submit

General information for Promotion :

promotion event form

Notes :

Choose "Quantity" promotion type.

Purchase Requirement & Promotion Reward :

pruchase requirement

Step 3. Promotion was Successfully Added

promotion event

II. Use Promotion Event By Quantity

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Input Item with Promotion to Cart

sell menu

Example :

Buy 2 Matcha Latte will get 1 Fresh Milk Boba.

Step 2. Select Reward

select promotion
apply promotion
apply reward

Notes :

Reward options will appear if you meet the specified minimum spending requirements.

promotion applied

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