Promotion event by quantity is triggered by the minimum quantity on the transaction, you can give a discount or reward gift to your customer if they buy your product with a required minimum transaction that you set before.

I. Adding Promotion with Quantity

Step 1. Go to Promotion Menu and click Button Add on Promotion Event Tab

promotion event

Step 2. Fill in Promotion Event then click Submit

promotion event form

note: for example need to buy products with a minimum quantity is 3

Step 3. Promotion Event is Successfull Added

promotion event

II. Apply Promotion to Sell Menu

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu Then Make a Transaction Based On Items Set In Promotion

sell menu

*note: The cheapest item promotion will be active when the product quantity has met the minimum quantity requirements specified in the promotion

Step 2. Click Promotion Menu Then Click Button Apply For Activate Promotion Cheapest Item

apply promotion

Step 3. After Clicking Apply Button, Item With The Lowest Price Will Be Free

promotion applied

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