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How to Use Promotion Tiered
How to Use Promotion Tiered

Promotion that can be increased according to the quantity of the products (the more quantity, the higher discount will be applied)

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Promotion Tiered is a promotion that customers can get when they purchase certain items in a specific quantity. For this type of promotion, when customers buy more items, the discount can be bigger. It also can be explained by this scenario:

When a customer buys 1 quantity of products (ex: 1 Jacket) the discount will be 10%. But when the customer buys 2 quantities of products (ex: 2 Jackets) the discount will be increased to 20%. This promotion can be used to provide promotions for many products, based on the number of quantities that they bought. To create the promotion tiered, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Promotion, choose Event, then Click Add

Create New Promotion Event

Step 2. Fill out the Promotion Event Form then Click Save

You can fill in the name of the promotion, then the outlet that can apply for the promotion, and then the type of promotion can be set to "Promotion Tiered", and do not forget to set the date of the Promotion Period.

Promotion Event Detail

Step 3. Choose Requirement Type, Add Variant, and Promotion Tiered Sample

This tiered promotion can be entered by the promo terms you want to apply. Then you can click the submit button.

Choose Requierement Type and Add a Variant
Add Promotion Tiered

Promotion Tiered Calculation:

Buy 2 Get 20% Discount

Add the Quantity and Discount







From the example of promotions above if a customer buys 2 qty of products on the purchase requirement list, you will get a 10% discount. If a customer buys 3 qty in the purchase requirement list, you will get a 20% discount. You can use this template to customize the promo.

Step 4. Go to the Sell menu and Make a Sales Transaction with the Product that has a Promotion Tiered

You can click the sell menu, then enter the products in the promotion tiered. (Chino Pants and Nike Jacket). There will be a notification showing the available promos. You can click the Promotion button at the top right bottom.

Promotion Apply

Step 5. Apply for Promotion

Click on the apply button for the available promotion.

Promotion Apply

Step 6. Promotion was Applied

The discount given is the same as the promotion conditions.

Promotion tiered on sell

Step 7. Try to Input the next qty

Repeat the Step from step 4 but add the qty as 3

Promotion tiered on sell

The discount will be set for the 3 qty on the promotion-tiered

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