This promotion tier can be used if you want to provide promotions for many products, but want to provide tiered promotions based on the number of purchases made.

Step 1. Go to Promotion, choose Promotion Event, then Click Add

Step 2. Fill the Promotion Details

You can fill in the name of the promotion, then the outlet that will apply the promotion, and the type of promotion can be set to Promotion Tiered, and don't forget to set the date of Promotion Period.

Step 3. Choose Requirement Type, Add Variant/Category, then input Promotion Tiered Sample.

This tiered promotion can be entered in accordance with the terms of the promo that you want to apply. Then you can click the submit button.


This means that if you buy 2 items in purchase requirement list, you will get a 20% discount. if you also buy 3 items in purchase requirement list, you will get a 30% discount. You can use this template to customize the promo.

Step 4. You can click the sell menu, then enter the products in the promotion tiered earlier.

Enter the product in accordance with the promotion tier made. (Example: Semangka(BLUE) ). Then a notification of available promos will appear. You can click the Promotion button at the top right.

Step 5. Apply the Promotions.

Click Apply.

Step 6. Promotion Applied

The discount given is the same as the promo conditions.

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