Promotion discount for specific products can be used if you want give special discounts to certain products only so that the item can be sold quickly or there is a price reduction of product.

I. Adding Promotion Discount For Specific Products

Step 1. Go to Promotion Menu then click promotion event tab and click add button

Step 2. Fill promotion event form and then click submit

Fill the outlet that you want to be able to use the promotion on it, and then choose type of promotion by Product - Discount per products. Fill the promotion period for the discount to be applied and then click on the Add a variant button to add the variants of the product that you want to be applied for the discount. Click Submit to turn on the promotion.

Step 3. Promotion discount for specific product successfully added

II. Using Promotion Discount For Specific Products

Step 1. Go to sell menu then input the product that can be applied with the promotions. The discount will be set automatically

Step 2. Click pay button to process transaction sales

How to Promotion Specific Product / Holiday Promotion

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