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Price Visible Role
Price Visible Role

Set user access to be able or not to see the price when selling

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DealPOS system offers many different roles for users that later on can be used to give or restrict access from users contained on to DealPOS link uses. At present DealPOS has roles with a new UI-friendly look, which makes it easy for you to do my role settings for your user group.

Usually there are some shops, whose owners don't want to put the price of the product on the cash register. This article tells how to hide the Price of Products on the Sell and Orders menu, so users cannot see the selling price. Roles are assigned to internal and external staff with restrictions on the external staff to prevent them from seeing Item Costs.

Step 1. Go to Users, Click Groups Tab, then Choose Group

Choose any group that you want to disable the price visible role. On this occasion, I will try to disable the price visible role to the "Cashier" group.

Choose Group to Edit

Step 2. Disable Price Role, then Click Submit

Go to the products section to find the "Price" role.

Disable Price Role

Step 3. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Users will not see the product price or total transaction amount.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 4. Click Pay to Complete Transaction

The weakness is that users can still check the transaction amount when paying.

Complete Transaction

Step 5. Check Invoice Detail

Go to the orders menu, search, and open any orders. The product prices will not be displayed.

Check Invoice Detail

Tutorial Video

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