Setting Roles and Permission is important for Groups so that they have access according to their respective positions and also which Outlets do they have access to. And each role function can be checked in the article

Here are the steps for setting up Roles :

I. Give Role for Groups

Step 1. Go to Users Menu - Groups - Select a Group

Choose Group

Step 2. Edit Group Form - Save

In the group form, you can set the roles of the Group based on what you want, you only need to checklist and uncheck the roles that you want to give access to or not.

Role List - Choose Role Permission

After edit roles, Save

Then, click Save

II. Set Group Outlet Permission

For the record, User Access and Group Access have different Outlet Permission. If one group has many users and those users can only access one outlet, then you can directly manage the group permission to access the selected outlet. But if one group has many users in the different outlets, then you can set each user for which outlet they can access.

After you set group roles, you can also limit the access of each group to your outlets. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Users Menu - Groups - Select Group

Choose a Group to edit

Step 2. Outlet - Set Permission Level to Outlet - Save

Edit Group Outlet Permission

Here's an explanation table for each access:





No Access

The Group does not have access to the outlet



Group can check inventory at the outlet



Group can check inventory & orders at the outlet



Group can create new orders at the outlet


Group Outlet Permission

Group: Cashier


  • Grand Indonesia: Write (Can make a New Sales Order, see Inventory, Orders)

  • Kota Kasablanka: Read (Can see Orders, Inventory)

  • Plaza Festival : Peek (Can see Inventory)

  • Warehouse : No Access (Can't see anything)

Outlet Write Create a Sale Order
Outlet Read Orders
Outlet Peek Inventory

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