If you have many outlets spread across various regions, you can combine several of these outlets into 1 group so that later you can choose sales reports based on your outlet group.

For example as below :

Java Island Group :
- Jakarta Outlet
- Surabaya Outlets
- Bandung Outlet

Sumatera Island Group :
- Palembang outlet
- Medan Outlet

I. How to Add Outlet Group

Try to allocate those outlets to the outlet group by following these steps :

Step 1. Go to Outlets > Select More Menu

Step 2. Select Outlet Group

Step 3. Add New Outlet Group

Step 4. Fill Outlet Group Data, Then Click Save

Step 5. Your Outlet Groups is Ready!

II. How to Allocate Outlet to Outlet Group

When you already added new outlet group, then try to allocate specific outlet to outlet group by following these steps :

Step 1. Choose Any Outlet on Outlet List

Step 2. Select Tab Advance

Step 3. Allocate Outlet Group for Selected Outlet, Then Click Save

Step 4. Finnaly, Your Outlet was Allocated to Outlet Group

III. How to See Inventory by Outlet Group

Some user want to see inventory which filtered by outlet group. The following steps will help you to display inventory data by outlet group.

Step 1. Select Inventory

Step 2. Select Tab "Product By Outlet", Then Select Filter

Step 3. Choose Outer Group That You Want to Display, Then Click Search

Step 4. Finally, Inventory By Outlet Group Was Here!

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