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Synchronize Products to Jurnal ID
Synchronize Products to Jurnal ID

Synchronize the products data you have in Deal POS to the Jurnal ID

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If you already have product data in DealPOS, you need to sync the product data to the Jurnal ID. In order to synchronize the product's data, each variant code in DealPOS must be the same as the Product Code on (if you already have the product data in Jurnal id). and if you want to sync the stocks (from Sell, Buy, and Adjustment), you must map your inventory account first.

Account Inventory


To map the inventory account, you can log in to, select the Config menu, click on the edit button, and choose the Inventory based on the Inventory account that you've created in Jurnal id

To synchronize the product data from DealPOS to Jurnal ID, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open DealPOS Add-On in Jurnal.ID

Go to Add-Ons in Jurnal, then Open DealPOS App

DealPOS add ons

Step 2. Scan Products

Go to the Products Menu. Then, when you click the Scan Button, the system will do Asynchronous Scanning. It means you can leave the page and do something else while the system Scanning in the Background. Even if you have thousands of products, the Scan will NOT Time Out.

Product Scan

When all Products have been Scanned, it will show a notification like in the picture below.

Scan Completed

You can also see all Scan Results in the Scan notification tab if you didn't see the notification.

Scan Notifications


Products without SKU will NOT show on 'SKU not in Jurnal' page. So please make sure your Product/Variant Code is in the DealPOS first if you can't find your product.

Step 3. Filtering product data in SKU Not in Jurnal

Before you upload your product data from DealPOS to Jurnal ID, you can filter the products that you want to upload to Jurnal id. You can filter your product data if you have a large amount of product data (for ex: 10,000 products) in order to prevent the time-out error when uploading the product data. But if you have small amount of products data, you can skip the filter if you want to upload all of your products.

SKU Not In Jurnal Filter

Step 4. Upload scanned Products in SKU not in Jurnal

After you've done filtering the product data in the SKU not in Jurnal, you can proceed to the next step. You can tick some or all products that you want to upload from DealPOS to Jurnal ID. After you tick the products, you can click the upload button

SKU Not In Jurnal Upload

Table Properties



SKU in Jurnal

All products in POS have been registered in

SKU not in Jurnal

List of your products in POS but not exist in

Scan Notification

Showing the status from your scan process in the products menu

Notes :

  1. If you're having trouble when the uploading process is going (failed/error), make sure each SKU & Variant product are not double

  2. Make sure the product is not archived at (Product that archives on will read as a "Product not in Jurnal").

  3. In the Jurnal ID system, you cannot make the product names be same as each other (even if the SKU is different), make sure the product + variant name combination from your DealPOS is not the same as each other

Step 4. Products were Uploaded Successfully

Login to your Jurnal ID account, and see the products that you've uploaded in the Products menu

Product is uploaded

Notes :

If your DealPOS have multiple variant product when uploaded to, it will be changed to 1 product with 1 variant.

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