If you already have data product in DealPOS, you need to sync all data in to Jurnal.id. For Mapping data products, each variant code on DealPOS must be the same with the Product Code on Jurnal.id. and if you want to sync the stocks (from Sell or Buy), you must map your inventory first.

Config Inventory

Step 1. Go to Add-Ons and open apps DealPOS

Synchronize Products - Add Ons

Step 2. Go to tab SKU not in Jurnal on Product

This feature makes it easy to upload products from POS not exist in jurnal.id directly

Synchronize Products - Product Menu



SKU in Jurnal

All products in POS have been registered in jurnal.id

SKU not in Jurnal

List of your products in POS but not exist in jurnal.id

Notes :

If you're having trouble when the uploading process is going (failed/error), make sure each SKU & Variant product are not double, and also make sure the product is not archived at jurnal.id (Product that archive on jurnal.id will read as a "Product not in Jurnal").

Step 3. Products Uploaded Successfully

Jurnal - Products

Notes :

If in DealPOS have multiple variant product, when uploaded to jurnal.id, it will be changed to 1 product with 1 variant.

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