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Discount Item wasn't Show in Jurnal ID
Discount Item wasn't Show in Jurnal ID

Sales order in only show value discount calculation

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Recently, DealPOS has integrated with which makes it easier for you to create an accounting report based on the transactions from DealPOS. The records from all the transactions that were made from DealPOS will be recorded automatically to Jurnal ID.

This article explains that if you make a transaction invoice with a peritem discount at DealPOS, the item discount will not be displayed on the invoice made at Jurnal ID, for more details you can check it in the following article.

Table of Content :

I. Make Sales Transaction

Step 1. Make a Transaction and Set Discount for Each Item

Make Sales Transaction with Discount Item

Step 2. View Invoice Detail

View Invoice Detail

II. Check Invoice in Jurnal ID

Step 1. Go to Sales, then Select Invoice

View Sales on Jurnal

It's only shows total discount without detail percentage of items.

View Invoice Detail from DealPOS

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