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Partial Payment between DealPOS and Jurnal
Partial Payment between DealPOS and Jurnal

Partial payment made from DealPOS will be synced automatically to Jurnal ID

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If you're using the Deal POS integration with Jurnal ID, you might have partially paid sales and purchase transactions created on Deal POS. Currently, the payment status from sales and purchase transactions made from Deal POS will also be created and updated in Jurnal ID automatically. For more information about the Partial Payment scenario from DealPOS to Jurnal ID you can follow the steps below.

Table of Content:

I. Make Transaction with Partial Payment

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Sell Menu

Step 2. Pay Transaction with Partial Payment

Partial Payment Sell
Add partial amount
Partial Customer Invoices Created

To make a partial payment on the Sell menu, you can click the Pay button and input the first payment amount on the Cash payment form, and then you can select the other payment methods if you're using other payment than Cash.

II. Upload Transaction to Jurnal ID

Step 1. Go to Shift Menu

Close Shift / Register

Step 2. Close Register

Close shift to automatically upload all the customer invoices created from the sell menu.

Close Register

In order to upload customer invoices, you can also upload the customer invoices manually by using Jurnal x DealPOS. For more information about how to upload customer invoices from DealPOS to Jurnal ID, you can see this article : Upload Sales Invoice to Jurnal ID.

Step 3. Go to Jurnal ID to View Customer Invoice

Jurnal.Id Sales Invoice

The partially paid customer Invoices created from DealPOS will also be created as partial customer invoices in Jurnal ID.

III. Add Invoice Payment (Partial)

Step 1. Go to DealPOS, then Open Orders Menu


Step 2. Add Payment for Invoice with Partial Payment

Add Payment
Add Payment
Add partial payment

Step 3. Go to Jurnal ID, then Open Sales Invoices Menu

Check the payment status from that customer invoice.

Jurnal.Id Payment Status

The payment status from that customer invoice will be updated to Paid. This partial payment scenario also applied when you're about to make partially paid Supplier Bills / Purchase Invoices.

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