This article has a similar process Make Receivable Payments with Qris The difference is that you have to send an email to your customers after the transaction is completed.

Step 1. Go to Sell

In this page you make a transaction by using 'Later take Credit' Debt on payment

*Note : You need to enter customer data 'Email' to make a receivable transaction, How to make it you can click here

Step 2. After processing the sale will appear success (Unpaid), Click Send Receipt

Make sure customer's email is correct

Step 3. Ask your customer to process payments in the following way

1. Open The Email to showing the transaction and select Pay now

2. Then Select Pay QRIS

3. And will display the QR code
, can be directly scanned using different mobile devices with App Gopay OVO,Mobile BCA,DANA, etc




If you are using the same device, please screenshoot the QR Code that used the tool on your phone and proceed to the steps below.

4. Open your gojek application and select pay

5. Select import image

6. Enter the image that has been cropped from Dealpos




7. The payment amount will appear, select confirm and pay

8. Input your PIN

9. Payment Success




Step 4. After success payment there will be a notification that the transaction has been paid,

You can check in menu payment - tab payment gateway

Step 5. Then will enter the order menu and will display the transaction has been paid

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