Purchase order type (Consignment) is useful for maintain your outlet and your inventory, so you don't have to make a new outlet. You can just make a purchase order type with the "Consignment" name. You will be charged free if you set up a new outlet for stock consignment. For the product, you can make the new one and put it into the category "Consignment". It is easier to report sales products.

Example :

(Consignment) you want to put your product (snack) in other outlets (with product clothes).

Can be used if you want to distinguish purchase notes, for example, if you want to distinguish between normal and consignment purchases.

Table of Content :

I. Add Purchase Order Type

II. Make Purchase Transaction

I. Add Purchase Order Type

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Purchase Order

Adding Purchase Order Type

Step 2. Click Add

Add - Purchase Order

Step 3. Fill Purchase Order Type Form, then Click Save

Fill Purchase Order Type Form

Step 4. Purchase Order Type was Successfully Added

Purchase Order Type List

Notes :

As example I made two purchase orders of Normal and Consignment types.

II. Make Purchase Transaction

Step 1. Make Purchase Transaction, then Click Note

Purchase Order - Buy Menu

Step 2. Select Purchase Order Type, then Click Ok

Purchase Order Note
Purchase Order Note

Step 3. Pay Transaction

Payment Process - Purchase Order

Step 4. Go to Orders, Filter Supplier Order Bill by Purchase Order Type

Order Supplier Bill - Purchase Order Type

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