Public API, also known as Open API, is a programming interface that can be accessed by the public. Developers can access the programming system behind an application or web service through public APIs to develop their own applications more quickly.

DealPOS has provided a Public API (Open-Source) which can be accessed at the DealPOS Developer. This article tells how to send your API documentation to your MailBox.

Step 1. Login to Mailbox Layer

Go to Mailbox Layer and do login or Create Mailbox Layer Account if you don’t have.

login mailboxlayer

Step 2. Copy the API Key

Get API Access Key

Notes :

After Login you will get API Key

Step 3. Input Token at Developer Configuration (DealPOS)

Go to Setup click more Menu then choose Developer Configuration

Setup Developer Configuration

Step 4. Validation and Input Token

Go to tab MailBox layer then set 'Yes' and input the API Token you get.

Paste Token in Mailbox Layer

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