Sometimes several transactions from Shopee are not recorded into DealPOS. It causes when the transaction in Shopee made there's products has not registered in DealPOS so as transaction become failed. Therefore, we use this feature to download all of the transaction that failed so that can be input into DealPOS automatically.

Notes :

Before download transactions you need to make sure that products were sold in Shopee have been created in DealPOS. For more detail following steps as below :

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Marketplace, Open Orders Menu

Download order by clicking Download Tab, select channel and date to Download.

Download Order and Choose Channel



Select Channel

From Channel that you want to download transactions

Enter Date Range

The range date you want to set download transactions


Show display preview transactions from Channel chosen

Step 2. Display Preview, then Click Next

Next to Proceed




All transaction invoices that occur in the marketplace


The transaction that is successfully entered into the DealPOS

Wrong Status

The transaction with delivery status or payment status on DealPOS do not match the marketplace


An unsuccessful transaction entered into DealPOS

You can also check from the Reports menu on to see orders that come in from the marketplace, whether all of them have entered DealPOS (OK), Bad Request, or Internal Server Error as shown below :

Report Order from Marketplace App

Notes :

The following logs will only be available for the past 7 days.

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