In configuring marketplace integration, you need to provide Role / Access for Users from POS so that they can log in to the Before setup integration with Shopee / Tokopedia / WooCommerce at, you should create 1 user for Marketplace, you can name it "Marketplace". This user should be given full access to their group so the user can access all menus on DealPOS.

Table of Content :

I. Add Group for Marketplace & Enable Access Role

Step 1. Add Group on User Menu

Example: create a group by the name Marketplace.

Create a new Group for Marketplace

Step 2. Go to Permission Tab

Role Marketplace

Step 3. Enable Marketplace Apps Access

Apps Marketplace Role

Note :

Give access to Marketplace Apps for using feature Marketplace DealPOS.

Step 4. Enable Access to View Outlet

Note :

  1. View Outlet Access will allow you to configure the marketplace channel

  2. Configure Button will display when you open the channel detail

II. Create a User for Marketplace

Step 1. Create New User for Marketplace, then Click Save

On the new user config select group marketplace and assign an outlet for the User.

Marketplace User

Step 2. Recheck POS Username on Marketplace DealPOS

The username that you assign to DealPOS Marketplace as shown below will give you a mark on the invoice creator in the DealPOS order as the username set on the DealPOS Marketplace.

Channel Marketplace Username

This is an example of an invoice that came from DealPOS Marketplace, it will match the username set in the Channel menu > POS.

Shopee Invoice Creator

Important notes: In our latest update of, a warning notification will now appear if the user used to login does not have the required roles:

Missing role warning notification

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