Delete Parked Orders using a Coupon

Deleting the queue of park orders with authorization coupons to minimize errors

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The Park Order feature allows users to save orders before payment. Typically, the Park Order feature is used when a buyer has not decided when a particular order will be paid. Therefore, the cashier will save the order until the buyer decides to make the payment.

DealPOS provides a prevention feature for users to prevent unauthorized deletion of parked orders and also to minimize errors, ensuring that accidental deletion of Park Orders does not occur. Therefore, users require an additional authorization key in the form of a coupon to delete the parked orders.

Check out the article below for the necessary steps to follow!

I. Limiting Access to Deleting Park Orders

In this section, you will be guided to activate the security feature for deleting Park Orders, where you are required to use a coupon to be able to remove queues from Park Orders.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Application

Application Configuration

Step 2. Go to Park & Retrieve Tab, Enable Feature, then Click Save

Activate Feature


If you want to know the other configuration of Park Orders, you can access the following link Park Orders Configuration.

II. Generate Authorization Coupon

Step 1. Go to Promotion, then Click Add Button

Add Promotion Coupon

Step 2. Choose Generate Type

You can generate coupons using two different systems, manually and automatically.

  • Manual Type

    In this manual type, users have to input the coupon code themselves.

    Manual Type Coupon
  • Automatic Generated

    In this automatically generated type, the system will generate the coupon code; users simply need to input the total number of coupons they want to create and the number of digits for the coupon code.

Automatic Generated Coupon

Step 3. Choose Coupon Type

Choose coupon type "Parked Deletion - Authorization Code to Enable Delete Parked Order".

Choose Coupon Type

Step 4. Set Coupon Usage Limit, Start Date, & Expired Date

Fill Coupon Properties



Usage Limit

Add coupon usage limit

(Fill "0" for Unlimited)

Start Date

Add start date for coupon activation
โ€‹(Blank = Can be used directly)

Expired date

Add expired date coupon

(Blank = No Expiration)


Add a coupon description

(If Needed)

Notes :

The start date and expiry date are optional; you can set them or leave them blank.

Step 5. Set Coupon Restriction (Optional)

You can restrict the coupon to be used only at specific outlets and with other limitations. These restrictions are optional, so they can be implemented or not, depending on the store's system.

Fill Coupon Requirements




Choose which outlet can apply the promotion coupon.


Select which customer can apply the promotion coupon.

Step 6. Save Coupon

On this occasion, let's try simulating the creation of an authorization coupon with the coupon code "DELETE-PARK-ORDER" (as seen in the image).

Save Coupon

Step 7. Check New Coupon

Re-Check Coupon

III. Delete Parked Order by Coupon

After enabling the Park Order Deletion feature and creating the authorization coupon to delete Park Orders, you can now try using that authorization coupon.

Step 1. Go to Sell, Click More Actions, then Choose Retrieve

Retrieve Orders

Step 2. Check Parked Orders Queue

There is no button to delete in the Parked Orders queue.

Check The Parked Orders Queue

Step 3. Go Back to More Actions, then Choose Coupon

Back to Coupon Form

Step 4. Type Coupon Code, then Click Ok

Fill Coupon Code

Step 5. Check Parked Orders Queue

Look for the "X" button, you now have authorization to delete Parked Orders.

Recheck Parked Orders Queue

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