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How to check user sales activity linked by sales person

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Sales reports are very important for every store. Especially for stores that have a sales person and the distribution of incentives is calculated based on commissions. Users can link users with their own sales person. So, transactions made with the user will be automatically recorded with certain sales persons, which will certainly make it easier for users to record the commissions that will be received by the sales person.

DealPOS has provided a report feature to check the sales transaction history of every sales that has been connected / linked to user. This article will explain how to configure and view sales transaction reports from users that are linked to sales persons.

Table of Content :

I. Configure Sales Activity

Step 1. Go to Users, then Click User Group

Select group that your user located.

Open User Group to Configure

Step 2. Go to My Profile Section, Enable Activity Role, then Click Submit

Enable Activity Role

Step 3. Go to Users, then Choose User Login

Choose User Login

Step 4. Link User with Sales Person, then Click Update

Link User with Sales Person

Step 4. Try to Relogin POS Account

Logout Account
Relogin Again

II. View User Sales Activity

Step 1. Click Account Profile, then Choose My Sales

View Account Profile

Step 2. View User Sales Activity by Sales Person

View User Sales Activity by Sales Person

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