This function is made for those of you who want to display the same current sell product data on a new row

I. Activate the config

Step 1. Go to menu setup - more menu - Module

1. Never

Choose Tab sell - Quick Key - Pick Never - Save

In this setting applies the default, each product added to the current sale will increase the quantity.

2. Always

Choose Tab to sell - Quick Key - Pick Always - Save

In this setting, if there is an addition of the same product on the sell menu it will enter a new line

3. On Retrieve

Choose Tab to sell - Quick Key - Pick OnRetrieve - Save

How to use

Step 1. Input current sale as usual then Park

Step 2. Select retrieve and the item in the park will appear again in your sell menu

Step 3. When you input the same item, the item will move to a new line (not increase the previous quantity)

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