Discounts are reductions of the regular price of a product or service in order to obtain or increase sales. These discounts also commonly referred to as "sales" or markdowns are utilized in a wide range of industries by both retailers and manufacturers.

Presuming you have a promotion or discount and you want to add it manually to your product in the SELL menu or change the price manually in the SELL menu, you can record those changes and see it in the following steps :

Table of Content :

I. Discounted Sales

II. Price Change History

I. Discounted Sales

Step 1. Create Discounted Sales

Discounted sales happen when you create a new SELL invoice with a discount in it.

Make a Transaction

Step 2. Discounted Sales Report

After the payment completed, you can check the reports in the following menu:

View Discounted Sales Report





Product Discounted Percent



Invoice Discounted Percent



Invoice Discounted Percent



Invoice Discounted Amount


II. Price Change History

Step 1. Change Price From Sell Menu

Price change happens when you change a product price from the Sell menu. In this scenario, we have a product named 'Denim Shirt (L)', the normal price was Rp. 150.000,-

Make a Transaction

and we changed it to Rp. 120.000,-

Change Item Price

Step 2. Go to Reports, Click Tab Discounted, then Select Discounted Products

After the payment completed, you can check the reports in the following menu :

View Discounted Report

View Price Change History

You can see the original and the edited price of the product.

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