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Promotion Menu Introduction
Promotion Menu Introduction

Find out about promotions feature available on DealPOS

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Some stores use promotions, which are useful for attracting customers to shop at the store. Promotions can also be divided into several types, depending on how each store wants to make promotions.

​Promotion is one of the features available on DealPOS systems that you can use for setting special prices or gift-giving schemes on sales for a certain period that you specify. Examples: Ramadhan Sale, Christmas Sale, Buy 1 Get 1, and others.

In the Promotion menu, there are three tabs containing different kinds of promotions you can apply to your DealPOS system. All three tabs are Promotion Event, Promotion Coupon, and Pricebook.

I. Promotion Event

This Promotion Event allows you to create, edit, or delete promotions based on conditions or events from your outlet such as when you want to create a promotion based on minimum purchase, minimum quantity, the discount percentage for all products, discount per product, or tiered discount.

In the promotion event tabs, you can also search for all the promotions you've created before with or without a filtered search.

Promotion Event

Availability Range Hour for Promotion Events automatically sets your Promotions to be activated and deactivated by Start Time and Expiration Time. Here's how to set the Availability.

Promotion Event Period

Notes :

For availability (24 Hours) it will be all day for about 24 hours, and will expire after a full day ex/ 26 August-26 August for availability (Range) you can choose the start time and also expiration time for the promotion.

With this promotion event, you can choose 5 types of Promotion Events regarding your needs. Here is the explanation of the 5 types :

Promotion Event Type

1.1 Amount

II. Promotion Coupon

The promotion Coupon tab allows you to create, edit, or delete promotions by using the Coupon Code during the transaction. This Coupon Code can be used on transactions based on the conditions from the generated coupon code.

You can set the Coupon Code from the Promotion Coupon to be created manually or generated automatically from the system. You can choose this kind of Promotion using the Promotion Coupon if you want to make the coupon for Discount percentage, Gift voucher amount, Return authorization, Delete park authorization, Full access of authorization during the sale, and also want to set your Promotion Coupon expiration and availability.

Promotion Coupon

With this promotion coupon, you can choose 5 types of Promotion Coupons regarding your needs. Here is the explanation of the 5 types :

Promotion Coupon Type

2.3 Return

III. Pricebook

The Pricebook tab allows you to create, edit, or delete the Pricebook for specific products in the specific outlet with minimum order quantity. For example, if you want to set a Cheaper price per product at your specified outlet for your customers if they bought the products for more than 10 Pcs, then you can choose this kind of promotion.

In the Pricebook tab, you can see all the Information from the Price books you've created on the specified outlet.


Notes :

For more details about the pricebook feature, you can check this article: Use Pricebook/Wholesale Prices.

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