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Single SKU for Multiple List Products in Omnichannel

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Presuming you have a product, but you want to duplicate it with multiple product names to boost your marketing and sales performance in Omni Channel (Shopee & Tokopedia). We have added the feature to synchronize one product from DealPOS to many products in the Omni Channel.

In this scenario, we created a product named "Baju Guns n Roses " and we want to expand it with multiple marketing keywords to reach more audiences from different segments. Now we duplicate it into 'T-shirt Gun n Roses', and 'Kaos Gun n Roses' and set those products with one identical SKU so they will be synchronized into one single inventory.

Go to the product menu, and click add.

Create Product in DealPOS

Step 2. Input Product Details

Input details including the mandatory ones such as Product SKU, Product Description, Product Image, and Product Weight then click Save.

Input Product Details
Input Product Details (2)

Notes :

You can add up to 5 product images when creating a new product in DealPOS.

Step 3. Create Multiple Products from One SKU

Create multiple products with one identical single SKU in Omni Channel.

Create Multiple Products from One SKU

Notes :

In this scenario, we created 2 products with identical SKU but with different Product names.

Step 4. Go to DealPOS Omni Channel, then Scan Channel

Scan Channel

Step 5. Product was Synchronized

You can click on the product name and it will show your multiplied listed :

Product was Synchronized

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