Presuming your store have a charge amount for a certain product or transaction, and you want to include it in your

For example, a certain Credit Card requires a certain amount of surcharges, and you want to record those charges into

Dealpos now provides these features to record the transaction's surcharge.

I. Setting your Credit Card surcharge rate

Step 1. Go to the Setup menu

Step 2. click one of the payment methods and set the surcharge rate

Step 3. The surcharge will be listed on the main menu

II. Create a product in

Step 1. Go to your Dealpos addons, or and select config, then edit, and input the product code as a surcharge, then click the (+) symbol.

Step 2. The surcharge product will automatically input as a product in

III. Create a transaction from dealpos

Step 1. Go to the SELL menu and Create a transaction with a certain payment type.

Step 2. Check your Sales Invoice

Note: your surcharge rate amount will be converted into a product in the journal and the value will be based on the percentage of the transaction value.


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