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Calculate Marketplaces Admin Fee
Calculate Marketplaces Admin Fee

How to include admin fees from marketplace's order

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Sometimes we want to count all the total sales reports without any cuts. In some other cases, we might want to count the total sales cuts in the reports to calculate our net sales. In some marketplaces, there are admin fees for each transaction created. Admin fees from the marketplace will deduct the total amount from sales transactions you gain from the marketplace.

In the latest update, Deal POS can record admin fees from the marketplaces, so you can calculate your profit after deducting admin fees. To see detailed information about how the admin fees are calculated in the Deal POS, you can follow the steps below:

Table of Contents:

I. Configuration

Step 1. Go to Channel, click on the Marketplace tab, and choose one of the marketplaces

For the example below, we want to calculate the admin fees from Shopee

Marketplace Channels

Step 2. Click Configure, set the Service Fee Configuration to Yes, and fill in the Write-off reason, then click Submit

Configure Channels
Write Off Reason Input

You can also create the Write-off option on this channel configuration. To add a new Write-off option, you can click the (+) button on the right side from the Write-off reason setup

Add New Write-off Reason

You can name the Write-off reason on the Channel configuration menu to differentiate the admin fees from each marketplace (Ex: Tokopedia fees, Shopee fees, TikTok fees, etc)

Step 3. There will be success toaster when the configuration is done

*To add the write-off reason manually on Deal POS you can go to this link

II. How the Admin Fees Calculated

Step 1. Go to the Orders menu and click the customer invoice from the marketplace

Check Invoice in Deal POS
Write off Details

Step 2. Go to the Payment menu and click Write Off to see the total admin fees on each marketplace

Write off Reports

The marketplace admin fees amount can be automatically calculated in Deal POS. But not all the marketplace admin fees amount can be calculated automatically. You can see the table below to see the list of marketplaces that can automatically calculate the amount from the admin fees:







TikTok shop



On Develop


Cannot be included (there is no admin fee on woocommerce)

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