Pricebook is a Price that can be changed from the Regular Price for some circumstances such as Special Prices for Specific Customers, Cheaper prices with Minimum Quantity,

I. Adding Pricebook

Step 1. Go to Promotion Menu, click Pricebook Tab, then click Add.

Step 2. Input Pricebook name, then click Save.

II. Adding Product

Step 1. Go to Products Menu, click more option export menu, choose Export with Pricebook.

Step 2. You will download .csv files, then you can open it. Fill the Pricebook price / discount Pricebook price (optional) you want to set, Save the changes.

Step 3. Go to Products menu, then click Import.

Step 4. Click choose file, then add the previously edited .csv files.

Step 5. Product successfully imported.

III. Using Pricebook on Sales

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu, Add a product whose pricebook has been set *for example T Shirt, Click on product.

Step 2. Click Pricebook Menu, then choose the pricebook price *for example Wholesale Price , then click OK.

Step 3. The price of the product will change according to the pricebook price, then click Pay.


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