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Add / Create New User
Add / Create New User

Learn how to add new user in DealPOS and group them according to the role of each user

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DealPOS system offers many different roles for users that later on can be used to give or restrict access from users contained on to DealPOS link uses.

At present DealPOS has roles with a new UI-friendly look, which makes it easier for you to do role settings for your user group.

Usually, on the use of an application or on a job it takes many users with certain roles. The user is also used as a marker that the person has an important role.

Here are the steps to create a new user in DealPOS :

Step 1. Go to Users, Select Add

Create / Add new User

Step 2. Input User Login Information

Fill form User

Step 3. Allocate User to Group

Assign / Set Group for User

Step 4. Scroll Down, Give Outlet Access to User, then Click Save

Assign / Set Outlet Access for User

Table Description :

Outlets Permission


No Access

Users are not given access at all


Users can check outlet inventory


Users can check outlet inventory & outlet orders


Users can create orders at outlet and can check orders & inventory

Step 5. User was Successfully Created

User Created

Duplicate a Group

If you want to create a Group that has similar roles to another Group, you could Copy that Group to Duplicate it. Once it duplicated, you could change it a little bit so it's not really the same as the previous group.

Copy Group
Group Copied

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