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View & Manage Product Inventory that Exceeds the Outlet Maximum Limit

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DealPOS provides a feature to check the stock of goods that have exceeded the maximum stock limit at a certain outlet.

Before that, determine the maximum stock of goods at the outlet (ROP & Max Inventory).

I. View Overstocked Product

Read the steps below to see excess stock data at each outlet :

Step 1. Determine the Maximum Product Inventory at the Outlet

We provide two options to determine the maximum inventory for the product, to view the detail read the tutorial from this link Edit ROP & Max Inventory.


Notes :

Edit Product Variant on Menu Product to Determine ROP and max Inventory.

Step 2. Select Menu Inventory, then Click Over Tab


Step 3. Filter Over Inventory List as Needed


Notes :

The list will display the available stock of products that exceed the maximum stock limit at the outlet according to the filter, try to see the image below.


II. Transfer Overstocked Products to Another Outlet

When there is excess stock at an outlet, users can directly send the product to another outlet on the Over Inventory menu.

Read the steps below to send product inventory to other outlets via the overstocked product menu :

Step 1. Tick Any Product, then Click Create Transfer Order

View Over Inventory

Step 2. Select Destination Outlet

Choose Outlet Destination

Step 3. Set Quantity as Needed, then Click the Process Button

Set Quantity as Needed

Step 4. Add Notes as Needed

Add Transfer Order Notes

Notes :

The additional note can be emptied.

Step 5. The Product was Successfully Delivered

Transfer Order was Complete

Notes :

Try to check your inventory of that product again.

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