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Translate Article into Indonesian
Translate Article into Indonesian

To translate article using google translate

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DealPOS provides a Help Center in the form of a collection of articles that users can access when experiencing difficulties understanding the available features.

All articles are available in English and sometimes make it difficult for unaccustomed readers with English. This article will explain to you how to setup this translate.

Table of Content :

I. Enable Google Translate Extension

Users must add the google translate extension to the browser before using this feature. Read the following steps below to add the google translate extension :

Step 1. Open Chrome Browser (Recommended), then Click More Menu

More Chrome Setting

Step 2. Select More Features, Click Extension

Extension Feature

Step 3. Click More Menu on Extension List

More Extension

Step 4. Open Chrome Webstore

Open Chrome Webstore

Step 5. Search for Google Translate and Select the Extension

Download Google Translate Extension

Step 6. Click "Add to Chrome" Button

Add Extension to Chrome

Step 7. Google Translate Extension has Been Successfully Added

Google Translate Extension has Been Successfully Added

Step 8. Click Extension Button and Pin Google Translate Extension

Pin Google Translate Extension

II. Use Google Translate on Article

Read the following steps below to use the Google Translate feature :

Step 1. Open DealPOS Help Center

Open DealPOS Help Center

Note :

Step 2. Open Any Article

Open Any Article

Step 3. Right Click on Any Place, then Select "Translate to Indonesian"

Translate Article to Indonesian

Step 4. Article was Translated Successfully

Article was Translated Successfully

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