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Meeting using Microsoft Teams

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This article explain how to use Microsoft Team so the client and DealPOS team can communicate and share desktop screen.

I. How to Setup

Step 1. Receive Teams Link

DealPOS will send a link to you.

Receive Teams Link

Step 2. Access the Link

Open url/link by clicking or copy and paste in web browser address.

Access the Link

Step 3. Join the Meeting

Select Join on the web instead.

Join the Meeting

Step 4. Enable Video and Voice

Select allow to enable video and voice.

Enable Video and Voice

Step 5. Click Join Now

Type your name then select "Join Now".

Join Now

II. Share Desktop Screen

Step 1. Select Share Button

Select share button then select screenshare desktop/windows.

Share Desktop Screen

Step 2. Choose Screen to Share

Choose Screen to Share

III. End Teams Session

Step 1. Select Stop Sharing

Select stop sharing button on your desktop.

Stop Sharing

Step 2. The Session was Ended

We try to go back to desktop.

The Session was Ended

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