AnyDesk is a free remote access application that you usually use to support DealPOS customers in resolving issues. All you have to do is download and install it on your computer or tablet. After you install, you'll be given an ID number, which you'll give to our support team if you have any issues that require a remote PC to resolve.

The procedure is as follows:


I. How to Download AnyDesk/Install

Step 1. You may Go to:

Installing Anydesk - Download Now

Step 2. Choose Downloads (Download on Progress)

Installing Anydesk - Download Complete

Step 3. Install and Run AnyDesk


Step 4. Installation Successful

Installing Anydesk - Installation Successful

II. How to Use AnyDesk

Step 1. You can ask for your number and address with your team support


Step 2. After that you can remotely with you team support

*Note: Now you can inform our support team of your anydesk id so that they can look into any issues or trouble that occured.

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