When you activate the End of Day report to be sent to the user by mail, you can include the Visitor Statistic on the End of Day report. The visitor statistic will show you the total visitors that came to your store and the average amount they've spent. To include the visitor statistic on your end-of-day report, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to activate

Step 1. Go to Setup, click more menu, click on the mail

Setup Mail

Step 2. Choose EoD Mail Report, go to advance, and set the Send Visitor Statistic to be Yes

Send Visitor Statistic Yes

II. How it works

Step 1. Create a sales transaction with the number of person in the Sell menu

To input the number of person in the sales transaction, you can click on the customer invoice Note, click on others, and there you can fill the number of person for the current customer invoice

Sell Note Visitor
Number of person

Step 2. Go to tools.dealpos.app, go to Send mail menu, choose EoD, and click Send EoD Mail

Send EoD Manual

Step 3. Go to your e-mail inbox and see the EoD which have been sent to your email

EoD with Total Visitor

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