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Send Bulk for Unfulfilled Invoices
Send Bulk for Unfulfilled Invoices

Send all the invoice with unsent fulfillment or delivery status in one time

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When making a sales transaction in the Sell menu, you can make the transaction's fulfillment status for the product to be later (unsent) or in other words, the product that has been sold is not delivered yet to the customer. If you're about to make a sales transaction with an unsent status, you can make the fulfillment status to be sent in the orders menu by clicking the invoice detail and clicking on the Send button in the fulfillment form. You can see the detailed steps to send the unfulfilled invoice in this article: Sales transaction with Layaway Inventory.

If you're making so many transactions with fulfillment later (unsent) or partial fulfillment, instead of sending the product one by one by clicking send on all the invoices with unsent fulfillment status, you can instantly send bulk for all the products that have not been sent in one menu.

To send all the invoices with unsent or partial fulfillment status at once, you can follow the steps below:

I. Send Fulfillment for Unfulfilled Invoices

Step 1. Go to Fulfillment, then Click More Menu

More Fulfillment Menu

Step 2. Choose Unfulfilled Invoices

Unfulfilled Invoices

Step 3. Filter Fulfillment Status for Unfulfilled Invoice (Optional)

Currently, users can filter fulfillment status for unfulfilled invoices (Unsent or Partial Fulfillment). So, the user can send bulk invoices with partial fulfillment status.

Filter Fulfillment Status for Unfulfilled Invoice

Step 4. Choose Invoice to Send, then Click Delivery

Tick on all the unsent invoices that you want to send and click delivery.

Unfulfilled invoices

Step 5. Invoices were Sent Successfully

There will be a toaster when the delivery is successful.

Invoice was Successfully Sent

II. Allocated Inventory from Sales Order

In some other cases, you might not find the unfulfilled invoice from an allocated product in the unfulfilled invoices menu. It can occur when the allocated product statutes are unsent in the Sales Order. You can see it in the example below :

Step 1. Go to Product / Inventory to Check Allocated Inventory

There is an allocated stock in this product.

Allocated product

Step 2. Check Allocated Product on Unfulfilled Invoice

If we check through the unfulfilled invoices menu, it will not show any customer invoices related to this product.

Unfulfilled Invoice not found
Sales Invoice

Step 3. Go to Orders (Sales Order) to Check Allocated Inventory

It occurred because the invoices that related to the allocated product is in the Sales Order. Which is different from the Customer Invoices.

Sales Order

For more information about sales orders, you can see this page: Sales order vs Sales Invoice.

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