When making a sales transaction in the Sell menu, you can make the transaction's fulfillment status for the product to be later (unsent) or in other words, the product that has been sold is not delivered yet to the customer. If you're about to make a sales transaction with unsent status, you can make the fulfillment status to be sent in the orders menu by clicking the invoice detail and clicking on the Send button in the fulfillment form. You can see the detailed step to send the unfulfilled invoice in this article: Sales transaction with Layaway inventory

If you're making so many transactions with fulfillment later (unsent) instead of sending the product one by one by clicking send on all the invoices with unsent fulfillment status, you can instantly send bulk for all the products that have not been sent in one menu.

To send all the invoices with unsent fulfillment status at once, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the Fulfillment menu, click More menu, and choose Unfulfilled Invoices

View Unfulfilled Invoice

Step 2. Tick on all the unsent invoices that you want to be sent and click Delivery

Tick Bulk Invoice & Deliver It

Step 3. There will be a toaster when the delivery is success

Invoice was Successfully Sent

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