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Enable Realtime Purchase Order in Jurnal ID
Enable Realtime Purchase Order in Jurnal ID

How to Sync Purchase Order Transaction into Jurnal ID

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When you're using the integration between DealPOS and Jurnal ID, you will be given the option to enable/disable Realtime Purchase Order Sync configuration. The main purpose here is if you want to Synchronize Purchase Transactions in realtime, you can activate the configuration that we have provided. For detailed steps to activate this configuration, you can check the explanation below:

Step 1. Go to DealPOS x Jurnal

Click on the Config menu, then click the edit button.

Configure POS & Jurnal Integration

Step 2. Configure POS & Jurnal Integration

Set Realtime Purchase Order Sync configuration as Enable, then click Save Button.

Save Configuration

Congratulations! For now, your purchase transaction will be uploaded in realtime. You also can disable the option if you have a specific requirement that prevents you from uploading buy transactions in real time.

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