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Loyalty Point Expiration Date
Loyalty Point Expiration Date

How the expiration date works from the Customer's Loyalty Point in Deal POS

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When you're using a loyalty point or membership point program on your DealPOS account, If the customers make a sell transaction and get the loyalty point, the loyalty point will expire if the customers don't use it for a certain period.

You can follow the steps below to see the detailed scenario from the loyalty point expiration date.

I. Set Loyalty Point Expiration Date

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Application

Point Setting

Step 2. Go to the Loyalty Tab, Set the Expiration Date, and Click the Save button

Loyalty Point Expiration

For example, we will set the expiration date for the loyalty points as 12 months (1 year)


The minimum expiration date for loyalty points is 1 month.

II. How Expiration Date Works

The Expiration Date from the loyalty point is using the Rolling Expiration Date Method. In the rolling expiration date method, the loyalty point used in the last transaction is the point from which the expiration date is closest to being expired.

Rolling Expiration Date

If the point from the closest expired date is insufficient to be used, it will automatically deduct points from the second closest expired date.

Step 1. View Point Expiration Date on Customer Detail

Go to the Contacts menu, click on a customer's name, and see the expiration date from the customer's loyalty point

Customer Loyalty Point Expiration

The current point from the customers is 20 and if we click the Expiry button from the loyalty point tab, the point is separated into two different expiration dates. 10 points from the transactions created on 21 February 2023, and 10 points from the transactions created on 15 March 2023.

Step 2. Use the Loyalty Point in the Sell menu

Go to the Sell menu and create a new sales transaction with the customer that has loyalty points.

Using Loyalty Point

For example, we will use 15 Points from that customer. We will see which points will be reduced for this transaction

Step 3. Go to the Contacts, click on the Customer's name, and see the current Point from that customer

Current Point

If we check through the Customer Detail, the current point from that customer is 5 points from the point that will expire on 15 March 2024

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