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Upload Products Bulk from DealPOS to Jurnal.ID
Upload Products Bulk from DealPOS to Jurnal.ID

Upload all products in DealPOS to Jurnal.ID to synchronize your products by CSV

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If you already have product data in DealPOS but don't have the product data in, you can upload all the product data because each Variant Code in DealPOS must be the same as the Product Code in Follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Export all the products in DealPOS.

Export Product from DealPOS

Make sure that the data you want to upload to Jurnal.ID contains the Product Code.

Check kembali datanya

Step 2. Download an example of the Product Import Format from Jurnal.ID

Download Sample file Upload Product by CSV dari Jurnal ID
Download Template

Following the format of Jurnal.ID

Format CSV dari Jurnal ID

Step 3. Input Product

Note: For every product that has variants, it is mandatory to enter the variant name after the product name, as shown in the example.

Isikan data pada File CSV

Adjust the Variant Code from DealPOS to the Product Code column in the Journal Format.

Sesuai data dengan template Jurnal ID

After finishing, align the DealPOS format to the Jurnal.ID template and then import it.

Step 4. Import File into Jurnal.ID

Select File, and Continue

Import file csv product ke Jurnal

Process is running

Data sedang diImport

The product has been uploaded if searched.

Data sudah masuk kedalam Jurnal

Step 5. Perform a scan to synchronize all products between DealPOS and Jurnal.ID.

Open the Add-Ons DealPOS and log in to Dealpos x

Buka Jurnal x DealPOS

In the Products menu, Do a Channel Scan.

Scan Channel Product

When successful, it will appear in the SKU section in Jurnal, all products that have been integrated with Jurnal.ID.

Scan Completed

You can also check the status of the Product Scan in the Scan Notification section and see whether the product quantities match between DealPOS and the journal.

Scan Notification

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