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Import Serial for Product Serialized via CSV
Import Serial for Product Serialized via CSV

How to input serial numbers in bulk using CSV

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If you sell serialized products and have not yet created product serials in DealPOS, you can open the Serialized article. If you already have a large number of product series and find it complicated or difficult to enter them one by one, you can follow the article below as it will explain how to input serials all at once:

Step 1. Go to Product, then Click Tab Serial

Serial Product

Step 2. Click Import, then Click Download Sample Serial

Download sample file
Download sample file

Step 3. Open File CSV, then Input Serial to CSV and Save File

Input serial to CSV file

You can input the serial code and expiration date directly in each column.

Step 4. Go To Product Menu (Tab Serial), then Click Import

Import CSV FIle

Choose file and Click Upload

Upload File

Step 5. File Successful to Upload

Serial already success to import

Serial added successfully

Serial added

Congratulations! You have successfully Added a new Serial Code in bulk using CSV. If you have questions/problems with inputting serials in bulk, you can contact us via Live Chat.

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