In certain conditions when you're about to make a sales transaction, you might face the situation where the customers want to pay the total amount that you've made on the sales transaction by using two different payment methods (for example cash and debit card). On DealPOS, you can make a split payment in the Sell menu with two different payment methods. To make a split payment on sales transactions, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Add Item to Cart

Input products to the selling cart, then click Pay.

Input Product to Sell Menu

Step 2. Input Split Payment Amount

To make the Split payment tab appear between Now and Later, you must enter the first amount below the total amount that the customers need to pay. For example, if your total sales transaction amount is 100, you can input 50 to the amount of cash, and 50 others in the Split payment tab

Split Payment

To add the remaining second payment method, you can click on the Split payment tab, select the second payment method, and click Ok

Split Payment Tab

Note: total amount will be generated automatically based on the remaining payment

Note : In Split Payment, you can't only use Cash Payment, but you can also Split with other payment methods, for example "BCA Transfer" and other payment methods.

Step 3. Recheck Split Payment on Invoice

Go to Orders menu, select the customer invoice from Split Payment. The customer invoice that uses Split Payment will be recorded as two payments.

Invoice Split Payment

How to Split Payment

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