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Import Bulk Sales Person
Import Bulk Sales Person

Import CSV for Sales Person through Contact Menu.

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In DealPOS you can Import by Bulk for Sales Person, which means that when you already have the data for sales salesperson and the total of sales salesperson is more than enough, that impossible for you to import them one by one. DealPOS can add all the data to the database within the bulk process. And you can do it via CSV.

Bulk operation Import using CSV format files, how to do it please check the steps below:

this makes it easier to input bulk salesperson data into contacts.

Step 1. Go to Contact (Sales Person Tab), then Click Import

contact menu

Step 2. Click Download Sample

Download sample used to get CSV sample file that supported format.

download sample

Step 3. Open the CSV File, then Submit Sales Person Data

sales person sample files

Step 4. Save File

Save files in CSV(Comma Delimited) format then save.

import file csv

Step 5. Choose File, then Upload File

Select choose file then upload your saved file.

upload file

upload file

Column Properties :

Sales Person Import Properties Index



Data Type



Input the salesperson's name


John Doe Sales


input code




you can assign multiple outlet to a sales using comma(,) separator (Ex:Outlet1,Outlet2)

Or if you want to assign a Sales Person to all outlets, just make it blank


Outlet 1

Sales Group

you can create a sales group through contacts properties (Ex: Junior, Senior, Trainee)



(*)is required

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