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Promotion Discount Percentage All Product
Promotion Discount Percentage All Product

Give discounts all items at certain events to attract customers to buy your product with period of time.

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The promotion Event tab allows you to create, edit, or delete promotions based on conditions or events from your outlet such as when you want to create a promotion based on minimum purchase, minimum quantity, the discount percentage for all products, discount per product, or tiered discount.

You can use it if you want to give discounts at certain events to attract customers to buy your product. Examples: Christmas Sale, Ramadhan Sale, New Year, etc.

I. Adding Discount All Products Promotion

Step 1. Go to Promotion (Event), then Click Add

Open Menu Promotion Event

Step 2. Fill Promotion Event Form, then Click Submit

Form Promotion Event

Notes :

Choose the "Discount" promotion type.

Step 3. The promotion was Added Successfully

Discount all products promotion successfully added.

List of Promotion Event

II. Using Discount All Product Promotion

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Go to the sell menu and then input the product you are selling, then click promotion.

Sell Menu

Step 2. Click the Promotion Icon, then Apply the Promotion

Select apply to use the promotion.

Apply Promotion

Step 3. Select Active Promotion

The promotion was applied successfully :

Transaction with Promotion

[Tutorial Video] Promotion Discount All Products

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