Presuming you are selling a bundling product, like a Meal Package, or Service Package, and you want to show their components in the Invoice Receipt. You can achieve that by creating a Non-Inventory Product Type (you can click the link to know more about it). You might try the following methods:

I. Create Non-Inventory Product Type

Step 1. Go to the Product Menu and click Add product

Step 2. Select "Non-Inventory" product on properties form then submit

Step 3. Product type Non-Inventory successfully created

The product with the Non-Inventory type that you created will appear in the product list.

Step 4. Click the variant item, click the Edit button

Step 5. Go to components tab and add the components of product bundle

Step 6. Add the components then click Ok button for Submit

Component has beed added :

II. Display Bundling Product's At Sell Menu


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