Currently, Dealpos supports to export and import of data using CSV files. If in case you experience a messy CSV file format display, you can follow the steps below to fix up your CSV display.

If you export our reports into .csv (Excel Files) using the Report menu in the DealPOS application or when you want to Import Product Using CSV File. Sometimes, after open the .csv file that exported from DealPOS, the file's appearance can be messy or irregular, making it extremely difficult to read or identify the data it contains. The most common problem related to this is due to Bad Format.

Step 1. Open System Preferences Menu

Select Language & Region Option

System Preferences - Language & Region

Step 2. Choose Region Option, then Search for America - United States

Choose Region

Your display should look like this :

Region - English (United States)

You need to restart your computer afterwards

Restart Now to Apply Region

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