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Tokopedia Holiday Mode
Tokopedia Holiday Mode

Configure tokopedia holiday mode to set store idle or temporarily close the store

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Do you want to close your Tokopedia store for a few days ? maybe because there is a holiday or other urgent conditions that require the shop to be closed and unable to accept orders. You can configure it on Tokopedia Seller. For details, you can check the following steps :

Step 1. Go to Tokopedia Seller, then Log In to Seller Account

Log In to Seller Account (Tokopedia)

Step 2. Go to Store Setting, then Open Store Operational Time

Open Store Operational Time Setting

Step 3. Set Up Store Holiday Date

Set Up a Holiday Date

Choose the start date and end date, then click save.

Choose Start & End Date

Click save to confirm.

Save to Confirm

Step 4. Configuration was Saved

Configuration was Saved

Notes :
The store will be automatically closed on the date that the user configured before (The system will show you that store was on holiday) and will be automatically opened after the holiday date. However, if the user still wants to open a shop before the holiday ends, the user can click the Open Store button.

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