Loyalty Point is a promotion in the form of reward points given to customers who buy a product that you sell these points can later be exchanged for the reward products that you have prepared. The purpose of using this loyalty point system is to attract new and old customers to continue to buy your product to get or collect points.

In certain conditions, you might want some of the customers that registered in your store cannot obtain or get the Points whenever you're using Loyalty Point Membership Program. You can follow the steps below to make some customers disable to obtain or get the points from sales transactions.

Table of Content :

I. How to Configure

II. How the Configuration Works

I. How to Configure

Step 1. Go to Contacts, Go to More Menu, then Select Customer Group

Customer Group Setting

Step 2. Click Add to Make a Customer Group

Add new customer group

You can also use the previously added customer group if you want to disable the loyalty point earned from that customer group

Step 3. Disable Loyalty Point, then Click Save

Set Loyalty Point Disable Yes

Step 4. Assign Customer to "Non-Point" Customer Group

Edit Customer Group
Edit Customer Group

Step 5. Contact was Saved Succesfully

Contact Saved

II. How the Configuration Works

Step 1. Set Earn Point Amount in Setup Menu

Set Earning Point

On the image above, we set the earned point amount as Rp100.000, so whenever a customer makes a sales transaction each Rp100.000, They will obtain 1 Point

Step 2. Make a Transaction with Customer from "Non-Point" Group

Sales Transaction

Step 3. Check Customer Loyalty Point on Customer Detail

Customer Loyalty Point Balance

The loyalty point from that customer is still empty even after they have made a transaction before.

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