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Strikethrough Price for Promotion
Strikethrough Price for Promotion

To configure original price as strikethrough for promotion price when make a transaction

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Some stores use promotions, which are useful for attracting customers to shop at the store. Promotions can also be divided into several types, depending on how each store wants to make promotions.

Promotion is one of the features available on DealPOS systems that you can use for setting special prices or gift-giving schemes on sales for a certain period that you specify. Examples: Ramadhan Sale, Christmas Sale, Buy 1 Get 1, and others.

The strike-Through Pricing option allows merchants to show buyers their listings have been discounted in price, by "striking" a line through the List Price of an item on sale. Buyers will see the amount of money saved in the listing along with a new Buy It Now price. To highlight a discount that you granted to a buyer, you can show a strikethrough price next to the negotiated price.

I. Configure Strikethrough Price

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Open More Menu, and click Module

Configuration Module Setting

Step 2. Go to the Sell Tab

Sell Tab on Module Setting

Step 3. Scroll to the Promotion Section, Enable Strikethrough Price, then Click Save

Promotion Setup

Step 4. Config was Updated Successfully

Config Already Success Setup

Notes :

Strikethrough price will be applied when the user makes a transaction with Promotion Event or Pricebook Price. The strikethrough price is also applied when the user manually edits the product price in the sell menu below the product's selling price.

II. Use Strikethrough to Highlight a Discount

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Add Product to Cart

Promotion Strikethourg already applied

Notes :

Add a product that has a discount (Promotion Event or Pricebook Price) and the Promotion will be Automatic applied

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