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Sign in with Google in Mobile Apps
Sign in with Google in Mobile Apps

How to sign in with google on Dealpos mobile apps

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Now, when you open DealPOS with Mobile Apps you can also Log In with Google Mail besides using a registered user to log in to your DealPOS domain. To log in with Google Mail, you can follow the steps below.

Before you log in to Mobile Apps please make sure you've already registered your Gmail account on your DealPOS account, you may check this article below:

After you set your email, you can directly go to DealPOS Mobile Apps on your device

Step 1. Open Dealpos mobile apps, and choose 'Sign In With Google'

Sign In Option

Step 2. Make sure you already fill your domain form then you can choose the Sign In option

Sign In

Step 3. Select your Gmail account which has been registered to your DealPOS Account

Choose account google mail

Step 4. Log in Success

Log in Success

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