If you have an EDC machine in your store and you're using Deal POS to make sales transactions, you can integrate your EDC machine with your Deal POS account as the payment method. If your EDC machine is integrated with Deal POS, you can automatically proceed and print the sales transactions after you swipe your customer's debit or credit cards using the EDC machine.

In order to integrate your EDC machine with Deal POS, you must register your EDC machine. To register the EDC machine with Deal POS, you can follow the steps below.

I. How to Register

Step 1. Contact Our Customer Support Team

Support team

You can contact our customer support team by clicking the help button in the Right bottom corner of this page. Or you can directly chat with our support teams on the Whatsapp number here: http://tiny.cc/SupportDealPOS

Step 2. You will get the registration document after you contact our customer support Team

There will be documents in order to register your Deal POS account to be able to integrate with the EDC machine. The documents are separated into 2 documents based on your EDC machine status (registration document for existing EDC machine user and registration document for new EDC machine user).

**notes: you'll need to register your EDC machine to our Deal POS even if you've already used the EDC machine for a long time before using Deal POS.

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