EDC (Electronic Data Capture) is a machine or device to accept a payment transaction from the customer using debit or credit cards. When you have an EDC machine in your store, you can integrate the EDC machine with your Deal POS account to automate and accept the payment from customers that use debit or credit cards in the selling transaction.

For now, the EDC machine that we handle is from BCA only.

Before you integrate the EDC machine with your Deal POS account, you must contact our support team to get the forms and documents needed for registration. For detailed information about the first registration, you can click on the following link: EDC Machine Registration

To integrate your EDC machine into your Deal POS account, follow the steps below.

Table Of Content:

I. Requirement

Step 1. Install the EDC machine program on the cashier device

To install the EDC machine program on the cashier device, you can download the program at the following link: tiny.cc/EDC-DealPOS

Step 2. Make sure your EDC machine's IP address is already configured

The image below is an example of an IP Address printout from the EDC machine:

IP Address EDC

To configure and see the IP Address from your EDC machine, you can contact the support team that provides the EDC machine in your store

II. Add New Payment Method

Step 1. Go to Setup, and click New on the payment method tab

Add new Payment

Step 2. Fill in the name and choose EDC/ECR on the payment method Type

EDC Payment

Step 3. Click on the Outlet tab, click the (+) symbol, and fill in the Outlet Configuration, and click Save

Add Outlet Configuration
Payment Outlet Configuration




Choose Outlet

Choose the outlet that you want to be able to accept payment with EDC/ECR Machine

Consumer Key

Consumer key is generated when you already register your EDC machine to DealPOS, usually we will give the consumer key when the Registration has been completed.

IP Address

IP Address from your EDC Machine

End Point

End Point Retrieved from the EDC programs you've installed in the previous step above (Step 2)

III. Making Sales Transaction With EDC Machine

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu, input the product in the selling cart

Selling Transaction

Step 2. Click Pay, choose EDC as payment

Pay with EDC

Step 3. After you click OK, Swipe the Debit or Credit card to the EDC machine

Swipe Card to EDC

The transaction will be completed, customer invoice will be printed

IV. Additional Scenario

When the transaction is failed/canceled, you can push the red button on the EDC machine to reset/clear the payment

in case the customers want to exchange or add more products to their current transactions, you must cancel the payment in the EDC machine.

Notes: recently, we only handle EDC machine (BCA).

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