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Installing Ultraviewer
Installing Ultraviewer

Using Ultraviewer remote desktop

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UltraViewer is a software that helps you to remote control/remote access a computer. You can use UltraViewer for many different purposes including to help with your issue with your DealPOS account it works from a computer to resolve the issue remotely.


Step 1. You ask your partner to run UltraViewer and require your partner to send you the ID and Password displayed on their UltraViewer.

Step 2. You enter the ID and password you got from your partner into the UltraViewer, and click Connect.

After pressing the connect button, just wait a few seconds, the screen of your partner will be displayed and you can control the mouse and the keyboard of your partner like working in front of the screen.

I. How to Download Ultraviewer

Step 1. Go to Ultraviewer

download ultraviewer

Step 2. Choose Download (Download on Progress)

download progress

Step 3. Run Ultraviewer and click Next

Run download

Step 4. Click the Installation Button (Install Ultraviewer)

install ultraviewer

Step 5. Click Finish and Launch Ultraviewer

finish install

II. How to Use Ultraviewer

Step 1. Give Ultraviewer User ID and Password

You can give your user ID and Password to team support.

Give your ID & Password

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