This article will explain and help you to create a transaction using the DealPOS application.

I. Create Sales on Sell Menu

Step 1. Select Product(s) and insert to cart using manual add, barcode scanner, or click on your quick-key

Note: You can manually search the product using the Product name, Variant name, or Code

Step 2. Input Customer Name

Note: In this menu able to input or create customers directly by typing on a column marked

Step 3. Add Discount

You can use 2 types of discount, discount percentage, and amount. You can also choose between a discount for invoice or a discount per product.

Select product to discount by multiple clicks on the product name in the cart.

note: you could adjust the type of discount with percentage or amount per product based on need

Step 4. Use Loyalty Point

Step 5. Invoice Note

Step 6. Pay Invoice

Note: there are two ways payment methods that available now and later can be used

How to Sell Tutorial Video

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