This article will explain and help you to create a transaction using DealPOS application.

I. Create sales order through Sell Menu

Step 1. Select Product(s) and insert to cart using manual add, barcode scanner, or click on your quick-key


Note : You can manually search the product using Product name, Variant name or Code.

Step 2. Add a Customer from your customer list by typing the name or phone. Or you can create the new one using (+) button


Step 3. Add Discount

You can use 2 type of discount, discount percentage, and amount. You can also choose between discount for invoice or discount per-product.


Select product to discount by multiple click on the product name in cart.


Step 4. Use Loyalty Point as Discount


Step 5. Invoice Note


Step 6. Pay

You can choose several type of payment such as Cash, Card, and E-money. Or you can also choose Later Payment.


How to Sell Tutorial Video

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