This article explains how to sell and find serialized product sales.

I. Configuration Serialize Product Input Through Setup

Step 1. Choose Module Configuration in Setup Menu


Step 2. Select Sell section in Module Configuration - then search for 'Barcode Serial Enabled'


Step 3. Select Barcode Serial Enable then Save


Note: This configuration is used for searching products in the selling menu. If you set to yes you'll able to scan the serial number of the product through the selling cart.

II. Create Transaction of Serialize Product

Step 1. Select Product then double click on the product name


Step 2. Select the serial number that you want to sell - then Ok


Step 3. Select the serialize that you want to sell then Pay


III. Search Serial Product Sales Report

Step 1. Go to Orders Menu, Then Click Search Note

Step 2. Input Serial Number and Click Search


Selling Serialized Inventory Tutorial Video

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